As a matter of safety

Due to most of these sleds having 25+ year old tracks, newer tracks and suspensions to allow installation of a newer track will be permitted in all vintage classes.


Vintage Stock


1.  UP to 1984 model year only

2.  Must be stock full bodied sled

3.  Leaf spring sleds only (Yamaha pogo exempt)

4.  Trail stock rules apply

5.  Rubber track only

6.  OEM skis (no plastic skis)

7.  No engine mods

8.  Updated clutches allowed

9.  Traction products recommended .. NO CHISELS



Vintage Imp


All vintage stock rules except...

1.  Exhaust upgrades allowed 

2. Engine mods allowed

3.  Suspesiion upgrades allowed

4. Race skis allowed 

"Vintage Open "Hot Rod Class"

1. All rules above except....

2. Updated track and suspension recommended

3. Can run any newr sled based engine